Andong, the Capital of the Korean Spirit.

Hahoe Village Area

Okyeonjeongsa House

86, Gwangdeoksolbat-gil, Pungcheon-myeon, Andong-si
  • Category : House
  • Designated as : Important Folk Material No. 88; Birthplace of Jingbirok, National Treasure No. 132.
  • Era : Joseon Dynasty
  • No public transportation. Please use a car. (Takes 10' from Hahoe Folk Village by a car.)

It is a hidden residence of Seo-ae Ryu Seongryong, who was the country's Chancellor and contributed a lot to defeat the Japanese troops while attending on the King Seonjo during Imjinwaeran(Japanese Invasion, 1592). He built it for the education of family children and academic discussions with visitors on the verge of a cliff where they can have access only on a boat. When he lost his house at Hahoe Folk Village during a flood of Nakdonggang River, he lived a secluded life here. He wrote Jingbirok (National Treasure No. 132), which recollected the Imjinwaeran.