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Korea Travel Hotline

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The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) operates the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline to provide domestic and foreign tourists with a wide range of information on traveling in Korea. The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline offers useful information for those wishing to travel to all corners of Korea, and provides interpretation services to reduce any inconveniences arising from language barriers. Tourists can also call the hotline to report any grievances they’ve experienced while traveling in Korea.

In collaboration with other government departments, the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline strives to ensure safety of travelers in Korea. In addition to the information, interpretation and grievance reporting services, there is an emergency line that’s available 24/7 and tourists can also report theft. The services are currently available in four languages (Korean, English, Mandarin and Japanese), and Russian, French and Spanish services will be offered in the future. There are also plans to collaborate with private businesses such as convenience stores.

Efforts are being made to improve the quality of the customer service such as by offering a post-call text service. The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline will stay committed to its role as a public call center that promotes tourism in Korea. Are you planning to travel in Korea? The, dial 1330 for kind and friendly services from the service representatives, who will provide detailed information on your travel destination. The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline offers the following services:

  • Quality Tourist Information Service Certified travel information providers provide callers with information on tourist sites, transportation, accommodations, shopping, festivals and events.
  • Multi-Lingual Services (Korean, English, Mandarin and Japanese) Services are available in Korean for Korean nationals, and information and interpretation services are available in English, Mandarin and Japanese for foreign tourists.
  • Year-round 24/7 Operation The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline is available 24/7 throughout the year.
  • One-stop Call Center for Foreign Visitors If you are a foreigner, wishing to seek assistance in relation to immigration, accidents, healthcare, personal safety and grievances, just dial 1330 for a one-stop information service provided in collaboration with the 1345 Ministry of Justice, 119 National Emergency Management Agency, and KTO Grievance Reporting Center for Tourists.

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