Andong, the Capital of the Korean Spirit.

Dosanseowon Area

Ocheon Gunja Village

29, Gunja-ri-gil, Waryong-myeon, Andong-si
Admission fee
  • Public transportation: Bus route 567 (To Onhye)

Gunja Village is located at Ocheon-ri, Waryong-myeon. It is also called 'Wenae.' The village had been formed by Nongsu Kim Hyoro, a Gwangsan Kim family, who settled down around 500 ~ 600 years ago. The village's name, 'Gunja (nobleman),' came from Sir Hangang Jeong Gu's saying, "There is a village in Ocheon, where everyone is a Gunja." Gunja village has produced lots of scholars since the early Joseon Dynasty and has an exquisite air that corresponds to the saying. The houses and pavilions moved because of the construction of Andong Dam from the previous village that was 2 km away. There are Hujodang, the head house of the village's family, Gwangsan Kim, the old house of Kim Yu, author of Su-eunjapbang, Takcheongjeong, and around 20 more old houses kept intact. The village on the hillside has a lake in the valley, commanding magnificent scenery.