Andong, the Capital of the Korean Spirit.

Dosanseowon Area

Lee Yuksa Literature Museum

525, Baekun-ro, Dosan-myeon, Andong-si
Opening hours
Opening hours: 9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Admission fee
Please refer to the table below
  • Public transportation: Bus route 567 (To Onhye)

Lee Yuksa Literature Museum opened in July 2004, commemorating the 100th birth of Yuksa Lee Wonrok. He was a poet and protestant against Japanese Imperialism. The museum is at Woncheon-ri, Dosan-myeon, which is Lee Wonrok's hometown. He is known as Lee Yuksa rather than his real name, Wonrok. Yuksa is his pen name named after prisoner number 264 when he was imprisoned for three years at Daegu Penitentiary related to Joseon Bank Daegu Branch's explosion in 1927. The museum is on Yuksa's handwriting manuscripts, poetry books, and materials relating to his independence movements. Also, around the museum, they recovered Green Grape Fountain and his birthplace. The birthplace is 500m away from the museum. The house is moved to Taehwa-dong, Andong-si, as it was subject to the risk of being submerged by Andong Dam. At the original site, they built a Cheongpodo (Green Grape) Poet Memorial Stone.

Admission fee
Adults 2,000 1,500 19 ~ 64
Youths 1,500 1,000 13 ~ 18
Children 1,000 500 7 ~ 12
Free admission: 65 or more, 7 or less, disabled, national meritorious persons