Andong, the Capital of the Korean Spirit.

Dosanseowon Area

Toegye Head House

68-2, Togye-ri, Dosan-myeon, Andong-si
  • Category : House
  • Designated as : Gyeongsangbuk-do Memorial No. 42 (Dec. 1, 1982)
  • Era : Japanese Occupation Period
  • Area : 2,119㎡

This place is the Head House of Toegye Lee Hwang, the great scholar of the mid-Joseon Dynasty. The building was built by Dongam, the grandson of Lee Hwang, at the south of Hanseoam. While the descendants had resided over generations there, they once renovated by making Chuweolhansujeong in 1715 (Year 41, King Sukjong). Still, in the 10th generation descendant, Gogye, they built a new house over the southeast. However, in 1907, the Head House was burnt by the arson of Japanese troops. The current building is what Hajeong Lee Chungho, 13th generation descendent, bought from the Lim family who resided there and rebuilt Chuweolhansujeong like the previous building during 1926 ∼ 1929.