Andong, the Capital of the Korean Spirit.

Bongjeongsa Area

cheon-dong Ma-ae Yeorae Ipsang, Rock-carved Buddha

672, Jebiwon-ro, Andong-si (Yeonmisa Temple)
+82-54-841-4413 (Yeonmisa Temple)
Opening hours
Always available for visiting as it is an indoor facility
Admission fee
  • Category : Stone Buddha
  • Designated as : Treasure No. 115 (Jan. 21, 1963)
  • Era : Goryeo Dynasty
  • Size: Height 12.38m
  • Public transportation: Bus route 351

The statue of Buddha is at Jebiwon on the hill of Taehwasan mountain to the north of Andong-si. It is called "Jebiwon Mireuk' and is a stone Buddha statue on the site of the previous Yeonmisa Temple. Though called Jebiwon Mireuk, it is presumed to be an Amita Buddha, considering the appearances. It is a significant Buddha statue of which body is graved on natural rock with the head added on, carved separately. Though the head is almost destroyed, the face clearly shows that of a Ma-ae Buddha. The ample face with a smile gives a solemn and stern impression with long eyes, prominent nose, and red-colored thick lips. From the strong lines of the face and detailed sculpture style, the Buddha statue is presumed to have been made around the 11th century.