Andong, the Capital of the Korean Spirit.

Hahoe Village Area

Imcheonggak House

63, Imcheonggak-gil, Andong-si
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  • Category : Gazebo
  • Designated as : Treasure No. 182 (Jan. 21, 1963)
  • Era : Joseon Dynasty
  • Public transportation: Bus route 3

Imcheonggak is one of the oldest private houses in Korea and the birthplace of Seokju Lee Sangryong, the first Prime Minister of the Korean Provisional Government during the Japanese Occupation period. The house used to have 99 rooms but now has only around 50 spaces left. It's the birthplace of the independent movement, which produced 11 Independence Patriots, including Sir Seokju Lee Sangryong himself and his son, grandson, etc. All of whom had engaged in the independence movement throughout three generations. During the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese purposedly set railways of Jungang Line over the house and forced demolition of over 50 servants' quarters and accessory buildings, saying the house gave birth to many bad, rebellious Joseon people. With the moving of Andong station in December 2020, they began to remove the railways and soundproof walls which had blocked Imcheonggak. This will recover the original appearance of the house. In the vicinity, there is Andong Beobheungsa Temple Site Seven Storied Brick Pagoda, which is the oldest brick pagoda in Korea and designated as National Treasure No. 16 (Dec. 20, 1962).